Awesome Websites I Love (That Aren’t Book Related*)

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Apparently choosing ten websites I visit often that aren’t book related in any way is harder than I thought. Hence the asterisk, because more often than not, there is something book related on said site, but that doesn’t mean it’s total content is completely books. But here’s a smattering of how I waste spend my time on the world wide web.

PSA – I do not take responsibility taken for any amount of time wasted spent on the below sites – click on the links at your own peril!!

Polkadot Passport

I absolutely love reading travel blogs, and this is possibly my favourite, because Nicola is a seriously talented photographer as well as being incredibly down to earth, and I love hearing all about her tales and adventures across the world. Sometimes I get insanely jealous (which is only natural, I think), but the fact that Nicola has made something of herself is incredible, and she doesn’t have that air of superiority I find in a few travel bloggers.

I love Bustle. It’s a good mixture of articles about current events, the entertainment world without being too gossipy and shallow, and feminist without being “down your throat.”Oh, and there’s a books section too.

I don’t think this one needs any explanation. Hello, Procrastination.

I’ve been reading Back on Pointe for a couple of years now, and love it. As a former dancer myself, I find Lita’s advice and wisdom to be on point (excuse the pun). She combines reposts (her site is Tumblr based) with informative answers to asks, lots of healthy and clean eating recipes all while being down to earth. As someone who is trying to be better at a healthy and fit lifestyle, blogs like these are my saving grace – they’re ordinary people making changes, and sometimes I want to see that rather than the #fitspo posts you find around.


I’ve only recently discovered Stephie’s lifestyle blog, but I love it. Also being in my twenties, I love hearing her wisdoms and thoughts – and she’s British! Cue all the Britishness. Also she’s into the theatre, so she wins in my book.

Let Us Wanderlust

Another travel blog, but I love this one because of it’s simplicity. It’s not in your face about all the wonderful places that Carly goes to, and because she started blogging to keep people back home up-to-date, so there’s a real personal touch to her travel stories. She also talks about beauty, fashion and other lifestyle tips, which mixes it up a little bit!


Another travel blog? Shhhh. You love it. I’ve been on Kate’s blog for years, lurking away in the shadows. If you’re single, female, and more likely to travel solo (like me!), then Kate is for you! She’s also incredibly humble and very helpful for those wanting to get into travel blogging. And her trips sound amazing!

Where do you spend your non-bookish time on the web? Is there such a thing? If you have a favourite, let me know in the comments below!


5 responses to “Awesome Websites I Love (That Aren’t Book Related*)

  1. Omg Buzzfeed is such a black hole, every time I go onto there I lose absolutely hours! I spend most of my time on bookish websites, though.

  2. Perth Girl; yes, that one

    Love this list. Must say I’m glad the websites were super specific and didn’t include Facebook/Tumblr as a general.

    Will have to have a look sometime soon 🙂

    • I could have been less specific – originally Imjur and Pinterest were on there and then I was like nah, let’s go for some proper blog websites!

  3. Travel blogs are wonderful, I wish I travelled more so that I could make one myself lol. But yeah, definitely a good place to fuel the wanderlust, make plans. I haven’t heard of any of these blogs that you mentioned before (the only two I visit are and World of Wanderlust) but I’ll have to check them out at some point! Thanks for sharing these 😀

    Oh, and Bustle is a great website, I like to read their articles every now and then 🙂

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