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vernal randi cooley wilsonI’m so excited today to host Randi Cooley Wilson, new adult author of fantasy and paranormal romance! Fantasy is one of my favourite genres right now, and I definitely am keen to explore more new adult fantasy worlds. Randi talks her favourites in this guest post.

First, a little bit about Vernal!

vernalSerena has a bright future etched in stone.
Tristan has a dark past that haunts him.
Together, they have a love that can never be.

Sheltered, and unable to escape her bloodline, Serena St. Michael has spent the last two years training at the Royal Protector Academy. Struggling with a dark past, Tristan Gallagher’s current assignment is to protect a lifetime of secrets. One chance encounter will change everything. Serena must decide if she will follow her heart, forsaking all she’s ever known and risking a future worse than non-existence. Tristan will break every rule to save Serena, even if he can’t keep her. In their world of darkness, one love will ignite an ancient war. When pasts collide with the present, and secrets are revealed, will love be enough? Or will one lie destroy it all?

When you’ve hidden behind a mask for so long, would you reveal yourself for love? Vernal, the first novel in The Royal Protector Academy series is a dangerously exciting and darkly romantic tale that will take your breath away.

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Randi Cooley Wilson is a “New Adult” Paranormal/Fantasy and Contemporary Romance author. A resident of Massachusetts, she makes stuff up, devours romance books, drinks lots of wine and coffee, and has a slight addiction to bracelets.

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Don’t forget to check out the giveaway below – now take it away Randi!

I am a huge fan of fantasy literature. As an author, one of my favorite things to write and design within a storyline is the actual art of world building. To visually create something from nothing but words and your imagination, that a reader can get lost in, is the epitome of fantasy writing. Personally, I love to be taken on a journey where the lines of realism and escapism blur. I believe that most of us who read, have an innate desire to explore and be driven to a state of awe. We crave transportation out of the day-to-day mundane tasks and activities into a whole other world filled with mystery and adventure. We love to lose ourselves in a good fantasy. Step out of this world and into a new one. Check out my top 5 favorite fantasy worlds!

  1. Forgotten Realm

Dungeons & Dragons fans this is for you. I read somewhere that creators of the game have said that the Forgotten Realm is a place that is connected to Earth, however, most people have forgotten about this ‘other world’. It’s filled with strange topographies, dangerous creatures and powerful gods. All this in a reality where magic and the supernatural are real. Who wouldn’t want to visit this?

  1. Shangri-La by James Hilton

Shangri-La is the mythological kingdom featured in the 1933 novel Lost Horizon by James Hilton. It’s described in the book as a mystical, harmonious valley. An earthly paradise or utopia, where everyone is isolated from the outside world, but is happy. Inhabitors of this fantasy world live beyond the normal lifespan and seem almost immortal.

  1. Camelot

I love the legend of King Arthur. In my opinion, it’s one of the most romantic fantasy tales. It contains everything I love in a fantasy story: courts, chivalry, forbidden love, royal obligations, knights, etc. The Arthurian world and realm is one of those fantasy worlds that I simply adore because it blurs the lines between realism and escapism. It’s designed after real cities, but it’s actual location is never revealed.

  1. Asgard

Norse gods portrayed by Chris Hemsworth? Yes, please.  A small planetary body that exists on another dimensional plane. Sign me up! I am a sucker for the fictional realm and capital city within the Marvel Comics universe. Plus, Thor lives there. Enough said.

  1. Middle Earth

J.R.R. Tolkien is the first author to have taken me away to fictional fantasy worlds when I was introduced to Middle Earth, the setting of the epic Lord of the Rings series. I am a sucker for a character struggle, especially when it’s to control the world if you’re angelic, elf, or demonic. Through in dragons and fantasy creatures of all kinds and that is a fantasy world I’d like to visit. Tolkien said it best when referring to Middle Earth, “it’s a different stage of imagination.”

Thanks for stopping by Randi!  For more goodies on the Vernal blog tour, head over to YA Reads for a full schedule!

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