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Girl in Between Blog Tour: An Ode To My Publisher:

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I’m so excited to have Anna Daniels, author of the funny and charming debut Girl in Between, as part of her blog tour! Keep scrolling as Anna talks about her relationship with her publisher, Louise Thurtell, and what it means to have someone just as passionate as you are in your dreams. And keep an eye out tomorrow for my review of Girl in Between, which is in bookstores now!

Hello! I’m typing this to you on Friday 5th May, having just heard the news that my publisher of Girl in Between, Louise Thurtell, is leaving Allen & Unwin after ten years.

Before I start sobbing into the keyboard, there’s a funny story behind Louise and I meeting, so I think I’ll begin with that.

In 2015, my manuscript was shortlisted for the Vogel Award, but at 38,000 words, it was very short, so whilst I knew deep down that Girl in Between would not win the prize, my dearest hope was that a publisher would recognise the potential in my writing, and wish to develop it with me. That person turned out to be Louise Thurtell!

I arrived at the Vogel’s party, held atop the Allen & Unwin terrace in Sydney in April 2016, knowing in the back of my mind that I’d like to meet Louise. I’d done a bit of stalking on the Allen & Unwin website and saw that Louise had started the Friday Pitch submission for A&U because she wanted to encourage more unpublished writers to send her their material. I also read in an interview where Louise particularly loved championing authors from rural and regional Australia, who might feel daunted by the publishing process.

I asked to be introduced to Louise at the party, and when we met, I immediately felt at ease. Louise grew up in Orange and I grew up in Rockhampton, so we got each other as ‘country girls’ from the very first. I told Louise that I’d brought my Mum and Dad along to the awards night, and she said she’d love to meet them. Well, that sparked off a very funny chain of events!

My parents are characters! They’re not as ridiculous as Brian and Denise in Girl in Between, but they’re very funny and lovable and have an uncanny ability to charm and disarm! I introduced Louise to them and walked away to retrieve drinks, and when I turned back I saw that Mum and Dad had Louise wedged between them on a couch! She could not escape!

They all got along like a house on fire, with Louise talking cattle and sheep with my Dad until apparently he at one point said to her, ‘So, are you going to be able to help this daughter of mine out or not?’ Louise then replied, ‘Well, you know her manuscript’s too short…she’d have to write another 40,000 words,’ to which Dad immediately said, ‘Oh Louise! She’d do that in her sleep!’  Too funny. To this day Dad still takes credit for sweet-talking Louise into giving me a publishing deal! He’s dreaming!

From that initial meeting at the Vogel’s party, Louise then requested my manuscript, and wrote back within the week saying she really enjoyed it and hoped we could turn it into an amazing novel. She said she thought I had the talent to do so. I almost fell off my chair when I read her email, and after I jumped up and down and patted myself on the back, I got down to business, workshopping ideas with Louise for how I could develop Girl in Between.

When you’re in the creative industries, you use your talents and pursue your passions, but sometimes you need just one person to believe in and champion you to help you achieve your dreams.

Louise instilled such blazing confidence in me and my writing that I never had a chance to doubt my ability to transform Girl in Between from a novella of 38,000 words to a novel of over 80,000 words…something I never thought I could do.

Girl in Between will be one of the final books which Louise publishes at Allen & Unwin, and I consider myself so lucky and fortunate to have worked with her.

Thanks very much for everything you’ve done for me and all the other debut authors in Australia, Louise. Best wishes for your next chapter!

Anna x

When you’re the girl in between relationships, careers and cities, you sometimes have to face some uncomfortable truths . . . like your Mum’s obsession with Cher, your father’s unsolicited advice, and the fact there’s probably more cash on the floor of your parents’ car than in your own bank account.

Thank goodness Lucy’s crazy but wonderful best friend, Rosie, is around to cushion reality, with wild nights at the local Whipcrack hotel, escapades in Japanese mud baths, and double dating under the Christmas lights in London.

But will Lucy work out what she really wants to do in life and who she wants to share it with?

Girl in Between is a warm, upbeat and often hilarious story about life at the crossroads. Featuring an endearing and irrepressible cast of characters, it will have you chuckling from start to finish.

Goodreads | Dymocks | Amazon AU | iBooks | Booktopia

Girl in Between by Anna Daniels is published by Allen & Unwin, RRP $29.99, available now.


Anna Daniels has enjoyed great success as a comedic storyteller since kicking off her career by winning the ABC’s ‘Comedy Segment of the Year Award’ for an interview with Russell Crowe. She then went on to co-create the ABC’s first online sketch comedy series ‘Tough at the Top’ with Melbourne comedian, Anne Edmonds.

For several years Anna wrote and presented funny upbeat stories for The Project, winning over viewers with her warm, silly, endearing style. Having grown up in Rockhampton, she particularly championed the stories and characters of rural and regional Australia with affection and humour. As well as The Project, Anna has written, presented and/or produced radio, TV and online content for Queensland Weekender, Red Symons’ Breakfast Show, and the BBC One series,  ‘John Bishop’s Australia.’ Anna continues to report for The Project and often presents on ABC Radio Brisbane.

Website | Twitter | Instagram


Follow the Blog Tour! Click on the interactive banner below for more great content about Girl in Between!

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Aussie YA Bloggers Secret Santa Blog Hop

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Hey Guys!

I’m so excited to be part of the 2016 Aussie YA Bloggers Secret Santa Hop!

For my international counterparts, the Aussie (and Kiwi!) YA Readers & Bloggers group are a bunch of amazing people from Australia and New Zealand who love books, and can be found on Goodreads and Facebook. It’s a wonderful community, and I absolutely love it, and am so happy to be participating in my first Secret Santa Hop!


Funnily enough, I didn’t really read as much YA this year as I usually do. I’m definitely branching out in my reading material, and I think because I was so sick mid year and with university, I chose to read historical and contemporary romance over YA…

Wanderlost by Jen Malone // London Belongs to Us by Sarra Manning

Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard // Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo // The Winner’s Kiss by Marie Rutkoski


Again, having not read nearly as much YA as I wanted to, means that my #LoveOzYA reads have sorely been lacking. Must get on that next year, I think!

Words in Deep Blue by Cath Crowley // Spark by Rachael Craw

 Stolen by Lucy Christopher // The Special Ones by Em Bailey //The Things I Didn’t Say by Kylie Fornasier

2016 Reading Challenge

2016 Reading Challenge
Hannah has
read 129 books toward
her goal of
200 books.

HA! The Goodreads Challenge. Oh, the Goodreads Challenge. As you can see, I am terribly behind. Like, 57 books behind, apparently. I have 70 books I need to read to complete my challenge. Why do I always set myself unrealistic goals? Actually, I can answer that one. You see, I challenged my older brother that I could read more books than he…lucky for me, he’s way behind on his own…which means I get a book of my choice! Woo! Silver linings, right?


If I had, absolutely had to chose, it would probably be coming back to blogging! I re-started my blog this year, and I’m so happy that I have. More on that later. This year I moved to Sydney, and it’s opened up a whole new world for me, and I’m so glad that I’m able to go to events like #YAFest hosted by Allen and Unwin and Teen Con as part of the Sydney Writer’s Festival. And I’ve absolutely loved being able to meet all of the bloggers!

I’ll be touching on this a bit more in a separate post, but my Top 3 Blogging Goals are:

1. Finally get rid of my Netgalley TBR

2. Figure out how to WordPress once and for all

3. Read (and recognise) more diversely


Honestly, there’s too many, and some of them are pretty much a given (we won’t talk about how Throne of Glass ends in 2017). Here are some that I’m eagerly waiting for though!

King’s Cage by Victoria Aveyard // Alex, Approximately by Jenn Bennett

  Wait for Me by Caroline Leech // Dark Breaks the Dawn by Sara B Larson // Begin, End, Begin: A #LoveOzYA Anthology by SO MANY AMAZING AUSSIES


So 2016 has been a bit of a crap year, hasn’t it? One thing I’ve always admired about the OzYA book community is that everyone is so accepting. Everyone is kind, but challenging. Everyone has different backgrounds, different experiences, different cultures, but we’re all united by our love of books. Having been away from Twitter and blogging for so long made it really hard to just “jump” back into the blogosphere, but the OzYA community has made me feel welcomed, new and old friends, and that’s an absolute true blessing!

Image result for group hug gif

1. You’re an inspiration to the #LoveOzYA community!

2. We use the same make up brand (according to a few of your tweets, not stalkerish at all, right?)!

3. You have the most beautiful bookshelves!


Check out the other blogs on the hop, read about what we loved about 2016 and see if you can guess the Santees!

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Hungry for Wonderland: Heartless by Marissa Meyer

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Hungry for Wonderland: Heartless by Marissa MeyerHeartless by Marissa Meyer
Published by Pan Macmillan Australia on 8th November 2016
Pages: 464
Format: Paperback, ARC
Source: Publisher

Long before she was the terror of Wonderland, the infamous Queen of Hearts, she was just a girl who wanted to fall in love.

Catherine may be one of the most desired girls in Wonderland and a favourite of the unmarried King, but her interests lie elsewhere. A talented baker, she wants to open a shop and create delectable pastries.
At a royal ball where Cath is expected to receive the King's marriage proposal, she meets handsome and mysterious Jest. At the risk of offending the King and infuriating her parents, she and Jest enter into a secret courtship.

Cath is determined to choose her own destiny. But in a land thriving with magic, madness and monsters, fate has other plans.

I kind of have a love/hate relationship with Marissa Meyer and her books. I love her as a person – her writing advice is solid, she’s a beautiful person, and she has a great knack for creating really interesting worlds. However…I just don’t ever seem to enjoy the plots of her books. In saying that, I’ve only read Cinder, and haven’t as yet continued with the series. So I was looking forward to reading Heartless, a fantasy standalone back story to the famous Queen of Hearts from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Like many, many people, I’ve been a huge Lewis Carroll fan since I was a young girl (thanks Mum!). I can remember pouring through this really old copy of Through The Looking Glass we had and absolutely being besotted with the rhymes, idiocies and illustrations. So whenever a unique retelling or reimagining crops up, I am there faster than the White Rabbit.

The best thing for me about Heartless was the world. Meyer has created a fantastic backdrop to the story, and it’s probably the reason I kept on reading. Heartless has the whole host of Alice characters we know and love coupled with unique twists that will make any Alice fan smile. I also loved how there were sly little references to other nursery rhymes. For example, one of the characters is Sir Peter, a reference to the nursery rhyme Peter, Peter.  The way it was all put together was simply amazing, and I had so much fun reading all the little details, from the flamingos (‘Ah like shrimp’) to the jumble group of Hatta’s tea parties.

Sadly, that’s where things tend to go a bit south for me. Everything else I found…rather boring. Which is a shame, because I really wanted to love this novel. Cath seemed like a character that I could understand solely for her love of food. But even all the references to sweets and pies and chocolate seemed too much. There isn’t a lot of plot going on in Heartless until the last quarter of the book, as this is, essentially, an origin story for the villainous Queen of Hearts we all know from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The plot is simple: Cath wants to open a bakery, but her parents want her to marry the King of Hearts. Then Cath meets Jest, the new court joker, and everything evolves from there. I can see where Meyer was wanting to go with this – the whole idea of living your own destiny, following your own heart and not the wishes of others – but it just didn’t resonate with us. I felt as if Meyer had spent so much time creating such a wonderfully vivid world that the characters and the plot were swept aside. Even the romance seemed forced, and for a book that’s over 400 pages long, way too instalove for my liking. I would have preferred to get to see Jest and Cath’s feelings develop slowly, rather than all at once. In saying that, my favourite character was probably Hatta, aka the Mad Hatter, and I think Heartless is well worth the read for his story alone.

It’s sad when something doesn’t quite live up to its full potential, but if you don’t mind a (very) slow plot and can look past instalove for the great world building, Heartless definitely belongs on your TBR.

Check out the other blogs on the Australian Heartless blog tour below!






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Moon Chosen by P.C. Cast

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Moon Chosen by P.C. CastMoon Chosen Series: Tales of a New World #1
on 25th October 2015
Pages: 600
Format: ARC, Paperback
Source: Publisher
BooktopiaPublisherThe Book Depository

Mari is an Earth Walker, heir to the unique healing powers of her Clan; but she has cast her duties aside, until she is chosen by a special animal ally, altering her destiny forever. When a deadly attack tears her world apart, Mari reveals the strength of her powers and the forbidden secret of her dual nature as she embarks on a mission to save her people. It is not until Nik, the son of the leader from a rival, dominating clan strays across her path, that Mari experiences something she has never felt before…

Now, darkness is coming, and with it, a force, more terrible and destructive than the world has ever seen, leaving Mari to cast the shadows from the earth. By forming a tumultuous alliance with Nik, she must make herself ready. Ready to save her people. Ready to save herself and Nik. Ready to embrace her true destiny…and obliterate the forces that threaten to destroy them all.

Welcome to my stop on the Blog Tour for Moon Chosen by P.C. Cast, hosted by Pan MacMillan Australia!

I don’t know quite what I was expecting with Moon Chosen, but I was equally parts pleasantly surprised and equally…not bothered?

Moon Chosen is a really unique fantasy that centres around Mari, who is part of a clan called Earth Walkers. Her mother is the Moon Woman of her clan, who by right is a powerful figure within her clan, one whose abilities are passed down to Mari. However Mari’s own powers have had to be remained hidden – and Mari ‘out of sight, out of mind.’ When Mari’s clan is attacked, and her world forever changed.

I’ll admit – it was a struggle to get through most of Moon Chosen. It’s a massive book, almost 600 pages long, and a lot of it is just world building and setting the tone for what is to come, which makes it a bit of an adventure to read itself. I felt like most of the time I couldn’t connect with the characters, and I kept having to flick back through pages as I found myself skim-reading a lot of it, and then missing important things.

In saying that, I think Moon Chosen was such a different type of fantasy than what I’m used to, which was refreshing. Nik (the love interest) came across a bit bland sometimes, and Mari was a tough nut to read for a good chunk of the book, but one aspect of the book that did progress was their character development, and I will say, I’m quite intrigued as to where the series is heading, especially as the last 100 pages or so picked up quite a bit on the action front.

And the best part? The Companions, of course! I loved the concept of having animals that were bonded with certain tribe members. I could definitely do with a Companion.

If you don’t mind books that delve into a lot of back story and world building, then I think you’ll enjoy Moon Chosen. It’s definitely not for everyone, but it does leave you anticipating more, and I am curious to see where the story leads!


Blog Tour: Vernal by Randi Cooley Wilson

Posted July 2, 2016 by Hannah in Blog Tours, Giveaways / 1 Comment

vernal randi cooley wilsonI’m so excited today to host Randi Cooley Wilson, new adult author of fantasy and paranormal romance! Fantasy is one of my favourite genres right now, and I definitely am keen to explore more new adult fantasy worlds. Randi talks her favourites in this guest post.

First, a little bit about Vernal!

vernalSerena has a bright future etched in stone.
Tristan has a dark past that haunts him.
Together, they have a love that can never be.

Sheltered, and unable to escape her bloodline, Serena St. Michael has spent the last two years training at the Royal Protector Academy. Struggling with a dark past, Tristan Gallagher’s current assignment is to protect a lifetime of secrets. One chance encounter will change everything. Serena must decide if she will follow her heart, forsaking all she’s ever known and risking a future worse than non-existence. Tristan will break every rule to save Serena, even if he can’t keep her. In their world of darkness, one love will ignite an ancient war. When pasts collide with the present, and secrets are revealed, will love be enough? Or will one lie destroy it all?

When you’ve hidden behind a mask for so long, would you reveal yourself for love? Vernal, the first novel in The Royal Protector Academy series is a dangerously exciting and darkly romantic tale that will take your breath away.

Goodreads | Barnes & Noble | Amazon US



Randi Cooley Wilson is a “New Adult” Paranormal/Fantasy and Contemporary Romance author. A resident of Massachusetts, she makes stuff up, devours romance books, drinks lots of wine and coffee, and has a slight addiction to bracelets.

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Don’t forget to check out the giveaway below – now take it away Randi!

I am a huge fan of fantasy literature. As an author, one of my favorite things to write and design within a storyline is the actual art of world building. To visually create something from nothing but words and your imagination, that a reader can get lost in, is the epitome of fantasy writing. Personally, I love to be taken on a journey where the lines of realism and escapism blur. I believe that most of us who read, have an innate desire to explore and be driven to a state of awe. We crave transportation out of the day-to-day mundane tasks and activities into a whole other world filled with mystery and adventure. We love to lose ourselves in a good fantasy. Step out of this world and into a new one. Check out my top 5 favorite fantasy worlds!

  1. Forgotten Realm

Dungeons & Dragons fans this is for you. I read somewhere that creators of the game have said that the Forgotten Realm is a place that is connected to Earth, however, most people have forgotten about this ‘other world’. It’s filled with strange topographies, dangerous creatures and powerful gods. All this in a reality where magic and the supernatural are real. Who wouldn’t want to visit this?

  1. Shangri-La by James Hilton

Shangri-La is the mythological kingdom featured in the 1933 novel Lost Horizon by James Hilton. It’s described in the book as a mystical, harmonious valley. An earthly paradise or utopia, where everyone is isolated from the outside world, but is happy. Inhabitors of this fantasy world live beyond the normal lifespan and seem almost immortal.

  1. Camelot

I love the legend of King Arthur. In my opinion, it’s one of the most romantic fantasy tales. It contains everything I love in a fantasy story: courts, chivalry, forbidden love, royal obligations, knights, etc. The Arthurian world and realm is one of those fantasy worlds that I simply adore because it blurs the lines between realism and escapism. It’s designed after real cities, but it’s actual location is never revealed.

  1. Asgard

Norse gods portrayed by Chris Hemsworth? Yes, please.  A small planetary body that exists on another dimensional plane. Sign me up! I am a sucker for the fictional realm and capital city within the Marvel Comics universe. Plus, Thor lives there. Enough said.

  1. Middle Earth

J.R.R. Tolkien is the first author to have taken me away to fictional fantasy worlds when I was introduced to Middle Earth, the setting of the epic Lord of the Rings series. I am a sucker for a character struggle, especially when it’s to control the world if you’re angelic, elf, or demonic. Through in dragons and fantasy creatures of all kinds and that is a fantasy world I’d like to visit. Tolkien said it best when referring to Middle Earth, “it’s a different stage of imagination.”

Thanks for stopping by Randi!  For more goodies on the Vernal blog tour, head over to YA Reads for a full schedule!

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Debut Authors Bash: Interview with Tom Crosshill

Posted June 29, 2016 by Hannah in Blog Tours, Giveaways / 4 Comments

Debut Banner

Another day, another Debut Author to add to your growing TBR – which is what we all like best (don’t lie)! Welcome to my interview with Tom Crosshill, whose debut YA novel The Cat King of Havana  releases in September (noooooooo!) through Katherine Tegen Books, and promises to be a delightfully witty contemporary read, and today we chat cats, travel and so much more.

First, a little bit about The Cat King of Havana – don’t forget to check out the giveaway at the bottom of page where you can win an ARC of The Cat King! (US/CAN only).

The Cat King of Havana

Rick Gutierrez is . . . the Cat King of Havana! A cat-video tycoon turned salsa-dancer extraordinaire, he’ll take Cuba by storm, romance the girl of his dreams, and ignite a lolcat revolution!

At least that’s the plan.

It all starts when his girlfriend dumps Rick on his sixteenth birthday for uploading cat videos from his bedroom when he should be out experiencing the real world. Known as “That Cat Guy” at school, Rick isn’t cool and he knows it. He realizes it’s time for a change.

Rick decides joining a salsa class is the answer . . . because of a girl, of course. Ana Cabrera is smart, friendly, and smooth on the dance floor. Rick might be half-Cuban, but he dances like a drunk hippo. Desperate to impress Ana, he invites her to spend the summer in Havana. The official reason: learning to dance. The hidden agenda: romance under the palm trees.

Except Cuba isn’t all sun, salsa, and music. There’s a darker side to the island. As Rick and Ana meet his family and investigate the reason why his mother left Cuba decades ago, they learn that politics isn’t just something that happens to other people. And when they find romance, it’s got sharp edges.

Goodreads | Amazon US | HarperCollins US | The Book Depository | Booktopia

Q. As someone who has grown up on and written science fiction and fantasy, where did the idea for The Cat King of Havana come from?

What draws me to science fiction & fantasy is the sense of unending possibility. Turn the page and there’s always something new and colorful and exciting to discover.

The thing is, the real world is like that too. There is so much to explore! New lands, new people, new forms of art. It’s why I love traveling and why I love learning new skills.

In the past, I’ve devoted thousands of happy hours to studying the piano, getting a black belt in aikido, learning to act and direct, and other pursuits. A few years ago, on a chance trip to Cuba, I stumbled (quite literally) into salsa dancing. I’ve been obsessed ever since.

When I’m obsessed, I write.

Rick Gutierrez, the protagonist of The Cat King of Havana, is a nerdy cat video tycoon who falls in love with a girl — and, in the same instant, falls in love with salsa. The problem is, he sucks at dancing — he really, really sucks.

It takes a lot of guts and stubbornness to learn a partner dance when dancing with you makes people wince. It takes a lot of guts and stubbornness to learn anything when everyone tells you that you suck.

I know — I’ve lived it. But I’ve also lived through it. In The Cat King of Havana, I wanted to explore this challenging, mortifying, and yet satisfying struggle.

Alaya Dawn Johnson, the Norton Award-winning author of The Summer Prince, captured it best. She said my book deals with “[…]the mortification of being a raw beginner at something you already know you love and already doubt you’ll ever be any good at; the unexpected peace of trying as hard as you can and still not getting what you want (which maybe never mattered anyway)”.  

(Then there’s also cat videos, the Cuban revolution, and romance under the palm trees).

Q. Was writing The Cat King of Havana different in any way from writing your other work? What was the process like?

Every book is different. It feels like you’re learning to write from scratch. But The Cat King of Havana was a lot of fun to work on  — because I was determined to make the book fun. For most scenes in the book, the first thing I looked for was the humor  — me the writer trying to make me the reader chuckle.

On the flipside, days when I wasn’t feeling funny could be hell. There are few things as demoralizing as trying to be funny.

Q.Following on from the above question, what was the most challenging aspect of writing a young adult contemporary novel?

For The Cat King of Havana, research was a particular challenge.

I write these words in Havana, where I’m spending a year studying dance at the Instituto Superior de Arte. I wrote the book while in the US and Europe, however. Cuba is a land just now discovering the internet. The writer’s best friend — Google — was often useless in the face of my queries. Instead, I had to do research the old-fashioned way.

The book’s protagonist Rick Gutierrez explores his mother’s past as a Cuban exile — she left the island on the notorious Mariel boatlift. To accurately portray Rick’s investigation, I did a lot of reading at various libraries. I also drew on the aid of many Cubans — dancers, writers, and other friends — for personal histories, local detail, and help with the finer nuances of Cuban Spanish.

In the end, though, this kind of thorough research proved very satisfying. It grounded the whole writing process — it let me create something real out of words and imagination.

Q.Ricky goes to Cuba and learns how to salsa to impress a girl. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done to impress someone?

I suspect that a great deal of what I’ve achieved in life I’ve done with the motive — conscious or not — of impressing a girl. Sometimes I think that, were romance eliminated, the progress of humanity would grind to a standstill. Whether it’s getting in shape, learning to defend yourself, making a lot of money, or getting your salsa on, impressing that special someone is strong motivation.

Craziest thing, though? I once borrowed a friend’s bulky pro camera, chose a fake name, and talked my way into a glitzy Hamptons socialite party. It’s amazing how friendly models and actors become when they think you work for a fashion magazine. (The party was a snore, though, and the girls’ interest evaporated as soon as the camera went away. . . lesson learned).

Q. I love to travel, and I especially love it when books take me to places I’ve never been before. What was it about Cuba that led you to set a book there?

Cuba is an island that seems a utopia one day, a dystopia the next, and somewhere in the middle on your average Tuesday. Between various trips I’ve spent close to a year in Havana, not just dancing salsa and listening to fantastic music, but also riding packed buses, standing in long lines for mundane errands, and enjoying leisurely strolls along the Malecón. I love the island and I have been exasperated by it, and I keep coming back.

At the time when I wrote this book, I wanted to go back to Cuba really badly, but I couldn’t afford to. In a way, I wrote The Cat King of Havana so I could visit the island without spending a dime. Now my readers can as well!

Q. Did you get to watch a lot of cat videos and claim it as research? Any particular favourites we should know about?

Yes — I’m very thorough about research that way. Writing is hard work and I take it seriously. If watch cat videos I must, then watch cat videos I shall.

I was also fortunate to get the advice and input of Jack Shepherd, the Editorial Director and cat video expert at BuzzFeed.

Q. What are five things that you never write without?

Curiosity, patience, stubbornness, faith, and cookies.

Q. What are three words you’d use to describe The Cat King of Havana?
Jetpack kitten bonanza!

Thanks for answering my questions Tom! Aside from me now spending too much time on cat video after cat video, I can’t wait to read The Cat King of Havanaif not for Cuba itself!

Tom Crosshill

Tom Crosshill’s fiction has been nominated for the Nebula Award (thrice) as well as the Latvian Annual Literature Award. His stories have appeared in venues such as Clarkesworld, Beneath Ceaseless Skies and Lightspeed. In 2009, he won the Writers of the Future contest. After some years spent in Oregon and New York, he currently lives in his native Latvia. In the past, he has operated a nuclear reactor, translated books and worked in a zinc mine, among other things.

Tom’s young adult novel “The Cat King of Havana” is forthcoming from Katherine Tegen Books (HarperCollins) in 2016.

Website | Goodreads | Twitter

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Loved this interview and want to get to know more about the Debut Authors of 2016? Check out the rest of the Bash here, and discover new favourite books! My list has grown exponentially this last month!


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