Ever The Hunted by Erin Summerhill

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Ever The Hunted by Erin SummerhillEver The Hunted Series: Clash of Kingdoms #1
by Erin Summerhill
Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Children's Book Group on 27th December 2016
Pages: 400
Format: E-ARC, E-Book
Source: Netgalley
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Seventeen year-old Britta Flannery is at ease only in the woods with her dagger and bow. She spends her days tracking criminals alongside her father, the legendary bounty hunter for the King of Malam—that is, until her father is murdered. Now outcast and alone and having no rights to her father’s land or inheritance, she seeks refuge where she feels most safe: the Ever Woods. When Britta is caught poaching by the royal guard, instead of facing the noose she is offered a deal: her freedom in exchange for her father’s killer.

However, it’s not so simple.

The alleged killer is none other than Cohen McKay, her father’s former apprentice. The only friend she’s ever known. The boy she once loved who broke her heart. She must go on a dangerous quest in a world of warring kingdoms, mad kings, and dark magic to find the real killer. But Britta wields more power than she knows. And soon she will learn what has always made her different will make her a daunting and dangerous force.

Ever The Hunted is actually a really hard book to review. Usually it’s easy to talk about what you like or didn’t like about a book, because one outweighs the other most of the time, but what about those times when you read a book and there’s…well, nothing?

That was my experience with Ever The Hunted. As a book, it just was. Nothing special, nothing amazing, but nothing terrible. I enjoyed it, but I didn’t. Reading Ever The Hunted felt like reading pretty much every single YA fantasy trope rolled into one, and as much as I love fantasy – that gets boring, and quick.

The plot and actually story is fantastic – Britta, our heroine, must track down her father’s supposed murderer with the help of the King’s Guard in order to secure her freedom. To add salt to the wound, the murderer is none other than Cohen, the boy Britta has loved who left after an accident gone wrong. Throw in kingdoms divided by the power and consequences of magic, and you’ve actually got a good story on your hands, however the execution wasn’t pulled off nearly as neatly as one would have liked, and while Ever the Hunted is a fairly easy and languid type of read – perfect for a hot summer’s day (or a cold winter’s night!), if you like your stories with a bit mores substance and character, it may not be for you.

As a character, Britta was someone you could take or leave. At times she was annoying and petulant, and her skills were sorely lacking for someone who was supposed to be fantastic at tracking (at times, the others with her would best her and we’d go through a few pages of Britta doubting her abilities until the next person told her how awesome she was). But then the loyalty she has to her father and even to Cohen, someone she thought betrayed her, is admirable. There wasn’t really one character who really shined though.

Would I read the second book? Most likely. A cliffhanger that seemed to have no connection to the rest of the book was intriguing, albeit it a little bit frustrating because cliffhangers, come on. But if you don’t like to be frustrated with a book…maybe wait until the second is out, and binge all at once.

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