Falling In & Out of Love With Books

Posted May 25, 2016 by Hannah in And On That Note, Features / 4 Comments

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Confession: Some days, I dread opening a book. Despite the fact that I’ve been dying to read it, more often than not in the past two years books have been forgotten, staying firmly put on shelves or desk or in my handbag when I catch the bus to work (which is my designated reading time). I want to read, but I can’t.

Is it that I’ve fallen out of love with reading? Oh God no. Can you ever, really? Literature has been ingrained into pretty much every aspect of my life since I was young, and it’s my future as well, so I don’t think I’ll ever fall out of love with reading.

But I have fallen out of love with books. I’ve fallen out of love with favourite genres and authors who are problematic. I’ve fallen out of love the constant pressure behind blogging when personal life took over, when the summers became too hot and my body decided it didn’t like me any more. Something that once provided a comfort became a chore, and I fell deeply into the deep dark cavern of the Reader’s Slump.

In saying that, as often as I fall out of love with books, I fall back in love so easily. My reading range has matured as I’ve gotten older – I’m reading more nonfiction, I’ve discovered the easy joy of women’s fiction and my newest guilty pleasure is historical romances.

Every single time though, I keep coming back to Young Adult. Sure, I’ve outgrown a lot of the books I read when I first really begun reading YA, and my tastes have shifted to more mature YA protagonists, but for each cycle of the cursed reading slump that I go through, there’s always one book that brings me back, and there’s always the thought that there are people out there, even at my age, that enjoy those books as much as I do.

Do reading slumps affect how you perceive books? Have you ever fallen out of reading a particular genre at all, or is there always one book that brings you home again?


4 responses to “Falling In & Out of Love With Books

  1. Your Parabatai

    This speaks to me on a whole new level. Certain stories you loved a year ago and were dying for the sequel, now the sequel is long past and you haven’t picked it up yet. I think life also gets in the way sometimes, and even an “easy read” is just too much for me.

    Great confession 🙂 <3

  2. I found I wasn’t able to pick up personal reading while I was doing uni reading. Once that was over, my love of reading returned. I think it was because it was, once again, b/c I had a choice!

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  3. Rebecca

    Reading slumps definitely affect how I feel about books, in that I don’t have the energy for them at that time. But I’m glad that funks don’t last forever because books are the best! I also agree that as I get older, I’m interested in more variety. I still mostly read YA, but from time to time, I’m adding adult titles and non-fic to my TBR because variety is nice and there’s so much out there that I want to read. As you know, contemporary is my favourite, and so it’s the genre I always gravitate to. I know it doesn’t have dragons or anything, but it’s got heart and hope and well, I love it dearly. Great post, Hannah!

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