January 2017 New Releases Giveaway Hop! (INT)

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WELCOME! It’s January, and with the new year brings a new giveaway! I hope you all survived the festive season, and are falling into 2017 with aplomb. 2017 is definitely going to be an interesting year, that’s for sure, and I’m (kind of) excited to see what it shall bring!

After a quiet Christmas and New Year (I was working for both), I’m starting to get ready again for university, which isn’t until March but you can never be too prepared, right? I’m also trying to read as much as I can and binge a few TV shows before crunch time -right now, I’m watching season 2 of Crazy Ex Girlfriend, and then I’m on to Jane the Virgin! Have you watched either? What TV shows are you binging right now? Feel free to give me suggestions!

So let’s without further ado head on to the best part of this post – the giveaway! Normal rules apply, but for those who are new (or don’t remember), here is the gist of it:

ONE (1) winner will win ONE (1) January 2017 New Release to the value of AUD$30. And as long as The Book Depository ships to you, anyone can enter! Not sure if that’s you? Check here. The winners will have 48 hours from me contacting them to say hello, or another winner/s will be chosen.

Last month’s winner was Jaime, who chose The Secret of a Heart Note by Stacey Lee. Definitely a great choice!

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76 responses to “January 2017 New Releases Giveaway Hop! (INT)

  1. i want to try to read more regulary without pressure, last year was a disaster since i was taking care of my mother24h/24 now i need to find the will to start again i guess

  2. Sylvia Miller

    I plan to read the books that I own, but haven’t read yet. This month I am only reading historicals; next month contemporaries.

  3. Maria Malaveci

    Mine is also to read more books, I normally only get to around 40 a year. And, I want to read at least 50 or more

  4. Cali W.

    Thanks for the giveaway; I am trying to read all the books stacked in my room. They are just sitting there needed to be read. 🙂

  5. Summer

    My bookish resolution is to finally get to books that I bought a long time ago that have been sitting on my shelves unread for way too long.

  6. Antonela

    This year, I definitely want to read more classic books! Jane Austen has been waiting for me for a long, long time! Have a wonderful year, Hannah! And thanks for a new giveaway! ♥

  7. Judy Cox

    To read more books for myself, for the past couple years I have not been taking the time to read much at all. I love books, so I am going to read like I use to!!

  8. Thanks so much for hosting the giveaway! <3 We have heaps of bookish resolutions for 2017 – one of them is to use Goodreads more often, it's just too hard to remember. Happy New Year to you as well!
    ~ Pendragons 

  9. Megan Coppadge

    My bookish resolution was to branch out when it comes to the genres I read. I started trying that at the end of last year but it wasn’t working out. I’m still going to try but I have a feeling I won’t last much longer lol.

  10. Kim Holliday

    My bookish NY goal is to spend money on the books I really wanna read no matter if they’re on sale or not.

  11. My Bookish Resolution for 2017 is exactly like yours… read more of the books that I want to read, that have been sitting on my shelves begging me to open them, but I haven’t had the time.

  12. Trix

    I want to slow down and pick the books I really want to read, instead of barreling through whatever I’ve recently heard about.

  13. Amanda

    I upped my reading goal on Goodreads, so that’s my main goal. I’m trying to read at least 1 time a day!

  14. Amber Terry

    My bookish resolution is to get out of my reading slump and read MORE!

    Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  15. Tanya Guthrie

    To dnf books that just aren’t going well for me. There are too many great books to waste time finishing ones that aren’t!

  16. Allie L

    My book resolution is to read the books I still havent read on the bookshelf. I’m usually reading newer books from the library 😀

  17. My bookish resolution for 2017 is to raise my Netgalley score. I have so many arcs from NetGalley and I haven’t read/reviewed many. When I first started blogging, I overestimated myself and thought that I could read more than I was able so my NetGalley shelf ended up being more than I could handle at the time.

  18. My aim is to read more of the classics
    And hopefully get some sponsor for reviewing books XD
    oh that’s terrible of me but it would be cool

  19. Ashfa

    Mine is to complete my Goodreads reading challenge.

    Um, I missed up the raffelcopter form. I entered my bloglovin link for the subscribe via email option 🙁 My email is blackcapballistics at gmail do com. Name on the RC form is Ashfa Anwer

    Sorry for the mess!

    • No worries Ashfa! I’ll make sure I’m paying attention when I’m doing the rafflecopter at the end of the giveaway – thanks for letting me know! <3

  20. Anita H.

    My bookish resolution is to read older books that always get pushed by on my TBR pile because I get attracted to the newer books.

  21. Jan Lee

    Mine is about the same as yours, read more books that I want to read not just “the popular” books 🙂

  22. Ada

    I want to finish some series that I’ve read only a few books of. Finish one series and then move on to the next rather than just read the next book on my pile

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