Ten Brilliant Bookstagrammers I Love To Stalk

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I love Bookstagram, but I never have enough time to sit through and properly scroll through my news feed. I’m also a terrible Bookstagrammer, mainly because my phone sucks and I don’t have a proper camera, so my photos are few and far in between. That being said, there are some people on Bookstagram I absolutely adore, and I’m going to share them – and some of their awesomeness – with you today. If you love as much as I do, I highly recommend giving them a follow!

If you haven’t found Cait’s amazing instagram yet, then I don’t know what you’re doing with your life. Cait gives me total photo envy – every one of her photos are perfection, and on top of that she’s completely amazing and down to earth (read: she’s a big book nerd at heart, just like the rest of us!) and always seems to say what I’m thinking. Her book collection is on point too!


Taneika and I have such a similar taste and thought in books it’s scary! Aside from being a wonderful West Aussie and generally awesome in general, Taneika’s Bookstagram is what got me started. Her photos are divine, and she does it all through her phone camera and they still come out looking absolutely gorgeous! I love hearing what she has to say about books as well, and my TBR pile is always growing from her recommendations!

I absolutely adore Kat’s photos. I don’t know a lot about photography and filters, but I love whatever Kat does with hers. Photos like the one above, where she combines quotes and books are my favourite.


Another person who has such a beautiful bookstagram account! I love the softness of Casey’s photos, they’re so gorgeous. And she’s also West Australian, I believe, which is awesome enough!

#celineannajillmarch16 | bookish reflection ✨ i’m reusing a different angle of an old photo (because i failed to take pics once again, whoops πŸ˜‚). i promise i’ll take some tomorrow… Β· on another note, i managed to buy 1) a pair of shorts 2) a candle 3) a candle holder 4) a wooden crate, and 5) a mug from @bookwormboutique all in the past day and a half… help i have a shopping problem πŸ˜‚ (although let’s be real, it’s partially bookstagram’s fault… i bought 4/5 things mostly because i want to take pictures of them πŸ˜– ugh what has my life come to πŸ˜‚ i should stop spending…. butbutbut AESTHETICS. there’s also that tiny part of my brain that’s just like *books! books! books!* and all of me that’s like *props! candles! mugs! lights!* and i CANT HAVE BOTH BUT I WANT IT ALL IM SO BROKE HELP). Β· okay wow there was no coherent thought to the caption, but you know what, we’re gonna role with my mini rant/whatever that was (because i’m sure you can all relate πŸ˜‹) Β·

A photo posted by a n n a (@alittlebookworld) on

Talk about stunning! I could stare at Anna’s photos all day. I love the way she uses pastels (especially in this photo!). There’s something feminine and so beautiful about her photos.


Ella’s bookstagram is simple but really eye catching. I love the way she uses a white background to make her books really stand out.

Kelly deserves a place on my list for the sheer fact that I have no idea how she manages to get her black and white photos to have that colour pop, and she always does it in such a striking way too!


I’ve been following Lisa’s bookstagram for a long time (read: stalking), and I adore her photos. Even though there’s a lot going on in them aside from showcasing the books, she always manages to make them look so beautiful and striking. And I love the way she uses those flowers too!

Emily’s another bookstagrammer who always seems to have the most beautiful flowers on hand! Her photos are so colourful and bright.


I love how understated Paula’s photos are. She always has fantastic backgrounds but the main focus is the book, and it’s never over the top too.

Do you have a Bookstagram, or follow someone on Bookstagram that I should know about? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Eeeeee you are the CUTEST EVER <3 <3 <3
    Thankyou so much for the beautiful little paragraph! Our taste in books is eerily similar but I LOVE IT (also thanks for giving me more bookstagrams to follow ehehe)t
    I miss you! Hope you're having a fab time πŸ™‚

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