Ten Character Names To Name My Cat (If I Had One)

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I’m pretty sure I’m only doing this Top Ten Tuesday because it gives me an excuse to post cat gifs on a book blog, but hey, it’s my book blog, so I can post whatever I want, right? Also, the title of this post is slightly misleading, because I in fact do have a cat, and his name is Noodles the Second and he is everything.


Excuse my very sunburnt face, it was summer and I cannot go outside unless I want to look like a cooked lobster. Internet, meet Noodles the Second, a terminally grumpy three legged ball of fluff that I absolutely love. He is our family cat, which means he resides in Western Australia, whereas I am on the other side of the country and only see him on Skype dates and the rare holidays. I would love to adopt a kitten, however it’s not feasible in my current rental, but I’m waiting for the day when I can have another little ball of fluff to call my own, and trust me, I have been workshopping names (so far, non book character names include Mufasa or Sparta. I’ll let you figure it out). Here are ten book character names  I would call my cat.

Chaol Westfall (Throne of Glass) – I’d think a lot of people would think I’ve named my cat Kale, to which ugh you uncultured swines go introduce yourself to the most wonderful man you’ll ever meet. But yeah I’m totally doing this. A little Chaol. Eeeep.

Kestrel (The Winner’s Curse) – She’d be a quiet but feisty little thing for sure.

Jellicoe (On The Jellicoe Road) – okay, so this isn’t a character, but I think Jellicoe would be a really cool name for my ‘Jellicle’ cat (see what I did there?!)

Etienne St. Clair (Anna and the French Kiss) – I see a pattern forming here…’St. Clair’ for short (because let’s face it, my French is terrible and I cannot pronounce Etienne). This little kitty would have a bundle of swag and would charm the pants off even a non-cat lover.


Adrian Ivashkov (Bloodlines) – DON’T YOU DARE EVEN – WHAT DID WE SAY ABOUT CLIMBING ON THE CURTAINS ADRIAN NO is pretty much what life with Kitty Adrian would be like.

Darcy/Fitz (Pride and Prejudice) – He’d be the cat that would hate you instantly but then two minutes later be curled up in your lap being totally adorbs and giving you cuddles. Also Darcy or Fitz?!?! Help me choose!!

Dorian (Throne of Glass) – because who am I to split up best friends?! Where Dorian goes, Chaol goes, right? RIGHT?

Mungojerrie or Rumpleteazer (Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats) – okay so this is basically a two for one deal but I really can’t choose who because I love all the cats from Cats so I’ll be a cat lady and have allllll the cats, but until then this cheeky duo will suffice. They’ll be a notorious pair of acrobats, that’s for sure.

Cat (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) – I have wanted to name my cat Cat ever since I first saw Breakfast at Tiffany’s as a child. In fact, when we were petitioning names for Noodles the Second, Cat was the name I championed. That didn’t work so well, sadly. One day, one day.

So there you have it! Ten fictional characters I’d name my cat after. What would you choose? Let me know in the comments, or feel free to leave me your suggestions!!

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5 responses to “Ten Character Names To Name My Cat (If I Had One)

  1. So. I didn’t know Cats was a musical until maybe this year. Did you know they are bringing the show back to broadway, apparently? Woo.

    Don’t worry, I used to TTT to showcase all the pictures of my cat, so that turned out great. I would definitely name my cat Kestrel, I can’t believe I didn’t even think of that name.

    • I’m so sad they are bringing it back to Broadway because I am stuck in Australia and I would love to see Cats again! It’s one of my fave musicals! If I get a female kitty I’m dead set on the name Kestrel now!

  2. Birthday Buddy

    I totally read the TTT about Cats but didn’t read all of it so I didn’t even realise you mentioned our birthday!! 😀 TOMORROW!!

    You’re amazing <3 <3 xx

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