The Holiday Gift Guide for the Practical Bookworm In Your Life

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If you’re a bit like you, you mind not have need for a lot of the bookish paraphernalia that’s floating around these days. While I love seeing so many fellow bookworms who are insanely creative, it also makes me a little sad that I’ll never have any of their stuff, simply because my practical mind won’t justify the need in having little bits and bobs floating around the place, or just sitting in a box never getting used, which is why I’m more wary about subscription boxes (aside from the cost of shipping!) . So when this week’s Top Ten prompt came out, I thought it was a great way for me to find some amazingly talented people who create awesome stuff that even the most practical of bookworms can use! All links will take you to the store where you can buy the goodies, as well as the Instagram page for the business and/or the Bookstagrammer featuring their items – I hope you enjoy discovering some amazing Bookstagram accounts while you’re at it!


1. You Smell Nice! What Is It? Boyfriend Material!

We all need to wash, so why not smell of your favourite fictional character while your at it? Gina at Behind the Pages has got you covered. Her full range of soaps doesn’t just include boyfriends, but girlfriends as well, and most recently ‘Ship of the Month’ (honest to God Gina there better be a Chaolaena one and I’m buying 10!)

Who? Behind the Pages | Instagram 

A photo posted by Gina (@behindthepagesstore) on

2. Lip Smackin’ Good!

Let’s stick with Gina for a minute, because I haven’t even told you my favourite thing about Gina and her incredible store. If you’re like me (and I can guarantee it, you probably are), you probably go through, what, at least a gazillion lip balms in your life. I lose them all over the place, they’re like bobby pins, I swear. But Gina here, Gina’s solved all our problems ladies. At this stage, I’ve only got Manon, which came with the YA Chronicles October box, but I’m putting in an order very soon because well, honestly? Who wouldn’t want Chaol on their lips?!?

Who? Behind the Pages | Instagram

3.  Scent It with Candles

Why did I not know that bookish candles were a thing? Because they are an amazing thing, and I think candles are one of the most practical gifts you can give someone, because who doesn’t want a beautiful smelling room, especially when the scent is your favourite book or character or fictional location or just books in general?

Who? Burning Pages Candles | Instagram 

Who? The Wick Library | Instagram

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I’ve recently discovered that there are some AMAZING candle makers out there, so if you get a chance, check out these other stores too:

The Book Hangover | Nook and Burrow | The Melting Library | The Leaky Candle | Meraki Candles | Anthology Candles

4. Say It Loud, Don’t Cover It Up!

I’m so in love with this beautiful iPad skin designed by Aentee of Read at Midnight, who also designed the header for my blog! I use my iPad as my e-reader, so it’s only fitting that I kit it out in something pretty to show the world what a ‘bibliophage’ I am! You can get other practical things too, such as laptop cases or iPhone covers, but I think this is my favourite!

Who? Read at Midnight | Instagram

5. There’s Nothing Better Than a Hot Beverage and a Good Book

I love my coffee almost as much as I love my books, and there is nothing better than curling up in bed or on the couch with a wonderful book and a warm drink. Or what about a mug for at work? Assert your dominance as a book lover and shout it out loud with a beautifully designed mug by Bookworm Boutique!

Who? Bookworm Boutique | Instagram

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6. Baby, It’s Cold Outside

I know it’s practically summer now, but when it’s cold outside there’s nothing better than a warm pair of socks or a comfy jumper…and Out of Print have some pretty cute designs!

Who? Out of Print | Instagram

A photo posted by Amanda (@thebookthieflibrary) on

7. Never Be Late for Any Important Date!

Never be late again for anything because this adorable Alice in Wonderland desk calendar is absolutely a perfect edition to any study space (and look, it comes with that gorgeous edition of the book too!

Who? The Rifle Paper Co | Instagram

8. Channel Your Inner Marauder

This cute 2017 planner from Hafsah at Icey Designs is absolutely gorgeous, and would make a great student diary (because we are always up to no good!) It’s the perfect size as well to slip in your bag! Perfect for any Harry Potter lover, that’s for sure!

Who? Icey Designs | Instagram

A photo posted by Hafsah (@hafsahfaizal) on

9. More Than Just A Pouch

This is my favourite quote from Beauty and the Beast and this carry all pouch is utterly adorable! I always have too much stuff and I hate loose bits! My handbag is meticulously organised! Of course, this pouch’s practical use is completely up to you! Is it a pencil case? A make-up bag? A coin purse? It can be whatever you want it to be!

Who? Books and Cleverness | Instagram

10. Practical People Always Love Presents

As much as I love useful things, every now and again it is extraordinarily wonderful to receive something pretty yet meaningful. I love the necklaces that Julie from Author Adornments creates. They’ve got that beautiful vintage look that makes them look like absolute treasures. Being a major Mr. Darcy fan, I would definitely wear one of the Pride and Prejudice necklaces! And bonus – they also do subscription boxes too!

Who? Author Adornments | Instagram

Do you love Bookish gifts? Let me know of your favourite places to buy book related items!


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